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Which type wireless charging coil (Qi standard compatible) could SUNLORD provide ?

SUNLORD now could provide Transmitter Coil: Circular-shaped: A1,A2,A3,A5,A7, A9,A10,A11;Racetrack-shaped:A4, A8;Rectangle shape:A6, A13.

Which wireless charging standard could SUNLORD wireless charging coil compliance with?

SUNLORD SWA series wireless charging coil assembly is compliance with Qi wireless charging standard. In another hand, SUNLORD could customize the coil according to your requirement. SUNLORD will develop A4WP wireless charging standard compatible coil in the future.

What service could SUNLORD provide in NFC Antenna matching and testing.

SUNLORD own itself antenna design and antenna matching and testing team, we could provide antenna design, matching and testing service quickly and efficiently, the hole service period would be 3~7 days.

Which test Criteria of NFC could SUNLORD provide?

SUNLORD own itself test Lab. and test equipments, proving EMVCo, ISO, NFC Forum there prime test criteria.

Can SUNLORD customize the ferrite sheet shape and size?

SUNLORD can customize the ferrite sheet shape and size according specified case. But in consideration of other factors, such as cost, mass production and delivery time, we recommend our customs choose the ferrite sheet from following PN.


Why ferrite sheet is required in NFC antenna?

When NFC tag clung to a metal surface (eg. Battery surface), the magnetic flux simulated by reader will follow through the metal material, causing eddy-current loss, which would significantly reduce the reading sensitivity and distance. in order to avoid this, a thin ferrite sheet is required between antenna and metal surface. The ferrite sheet will provide a low magneto resistance pathway for flux to improve the reading sensitivity and distance.