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Central Laboratory Introduction

The central lab  is public test service platform of Sunlord and has a Material  Analysis Lab, Failure Analysis Lab, a Reliability Test Lab, an Electrical Testing Research Lab, a Simulation Lab and a Pilot Lab. The central lab owns numerous advanced imported test instruments and simulation softwares which provide structure analysis, material characterization, failure mechanism analysis, electrical specification research, EMC test , magnetism devices simulation, R&D experiments and small-lot production of electronic materials.

The central lab founded in 2011 covers an area about 5000m2 and owns equipment assets more than fifty million RMB. The central lab has more than sixty professional experimenters and an expert consultants team made up with product managers, R&D engineers and quality engineers. The central lab rooted in the localization has a wide and deep cooperation with equipment suppliers, third-party test organizations and colleges and universities and provide strong technique support and all-directional test services for internal and external customers.   





  • Microstructure analysis and characterization, element analysis
  • Rheological ans heated changed behaviors analysis
  • Failure analysis of electron components
  • Reliability tests
  • Electric performance test of electronics
  • R & D experiments of electronic materials and production manufactured experiments from the production of sample prototype to small batch manufacturing.





“Sunlord-keysight Electronic Measurement Joint Laboratory” was established in september,2016. Measuring and testing technique research ,testing platform construction and talent cultivation can be conducted at the joint laboratory to meet Sunlord’s needs.

In order to enhance management level and technical capacity, CNAS Accreditation item was started in september,2016 by the central lab. The quality management systems was established in december,2016 according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. The central lab have acquired CNAS accreditation in december,2017.