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Antenna Switch Module


The antenna switch module is applied in the mobile phone RF front-end to achieve automatic frequency switch of mobile phones. It can adapt to the frequency of GSM850MHz/900MHz/DCS1800MHz/ PCS1900MHz according the operating environment , and can realize signal reception and transmission between handsets and repeaters, at the same time filtering noises.


Being an important RF module in mobile phones, the demand of antenna switch module has been increased due to rapid cell phone market growth. The antenna switch module based on the LTCC technology conforms to the trend of product miniaturization and high integration.


High integration、small size、low insertion loss、high attenuation、high isolation、low current consumption、high reliability.


Mobile Phones、Data Card


Part Number


Electrical Characteristics

1. GSM850/900 Band and GSM1800/1900 Band  RX_Mode
port1:Ant,port2:GSM850/900Rx,port3:GSM1800/1900Rx,port4:GSM1800/1900Tx, port5:GSM850/900 Tx

2.GSM850/900 Tx_Mode
port1:Ant, port2:GSM1800/1900 Rx, port3:GSM850/900 Rx, port4:GSM850/900 Tx

3.GSM1800/1900 Tx_Mode
port1:Ant, port2:GSM850/900 Rx, port3:GSM1800/1900 Rx, port4:GSM1800/1900 Tx


Mass production