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NTC Temperature Sensor –SNS Series


    Sunlord produces NTC temperature sensor, it measures the resistance of the NTC thermistor to ensure the appropriate temperature.

    NTC temperature sensor is made up of NTC themistor chip (core component) and shell. It is coated by epoxy resin and connected with connector by wire. In addition, some temperature senors are packaged by injection molding to meet high temperature condition.


    With the rapid development of home appliances, office equipment, automobile and other industries, it leads to the growth demand for sensor. Temperature sensor is as an important part in sensor market, it covers more than 40% of the total demand. However, NTC temperature sensor is used most widely for temperature measurement and control.


  • High precision and good consistence 
  • Fast response 
  • High stability 
  • Different external shapes to meet different


  • Office automation facilities 
  • Home appliances 
  • Automobile


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